Trust the process

Barbie doll with broken legWhen I was around seven years old, I had a fear that there would come a time when my mom would no longer be around to put my barbie doll back together on the occasions where I unceremoniously pulled her leg out of its plastic socket.

I voiced this concern to my mother who assured me that one day, I too would be able to rejoinder a barbie doll’s leg to the rest of her body. It seemed quite impossible to me at the time, my hands being so clumsy and weak, and so despite her consolation, I continued to be gripped by this fear whenever I pulled off a plastic limb and had to run to her for help.

I still have fears like this sometimes, in which I cannot possibly envisage a future in which I will be able to accomplish something that I cannot accomplish right now. While my goals have changed, and I no longer really care very much about the bodily integrity of plastic dolls (although I very much care about it for real women), it is still important for this storie’s sake that you know I can now put a leg back onto a Barbie. At least I’m pretty sure I could if I wanted to.

Last year, my friend Lauren, who had embarked on a year of studying Interior design after studying years of other things, told me that her advice was to “Trust the process”. So that is what I try and do now and I find it very helpful.

You may not be able to put dolls together right now but you will be able to one day if you want to. Because things do change and they do improve if you work on them. Just keep going and most importantly, believe (unlike my seven-year old self) that the process will lead you onwards and upwards. Because it will, it just takes time.

Have a great weekend!



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