Interview with Jean-Tristan Sauron

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My friendship with Jean-Tristan began on our first day at university in Paris. We both showed up to a lecture that had been cancelled and he asked me if I wanted to share a taxi home. Being a poor student, I said no.

While we were waiting for the others who would never arrive, Jean Tristan clutching his Louis Vuitton book bag in anticipation, he told me about his summer spent in St Tropez and how he had seen Paris Hilton in the street, wearing a brown wig. At the time I didn’t know who Paris Hilton was, or Louis Vuitton for that matter, and I think he may have decided then that he would need to protect me.

That was our beginning.

Jean-Tristan currently lives a beautiful life in London with his husband, Alejandro, and his sapphire. I’m really quite sad about him not  living here because he’s always such fun to be with and is, perhaps surprisingly, one of the most genuine people I know.

Below is my interview with him:

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When I wake up I…

Feel thankful I can set the alarm for 8.45am ! Work is only 10 minutess away from my place so I don’t have to experience the indignity of early morning waking. I then leverage my husband – oh the joys of married life –to ensure a smooth transition to real life. He not only gently kisses me but also opens the windows and blinds, prepares my breakfast and motivates me to do my workout.

Favourite breakfast ?

Liquid one on weekdays. I have this weird diet where I only eat solid food once a day from Monday to Friday, breakfast usually being just a cup of hot water and lemon juice that I drink whilst lying in bed. It’s perfect to get my body started and my mind sharp for work. On weekend, I indulge myself with some husband-made eggs benedict and croissants, #PureBliss

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What do you take everywhere with you ?

My necklace – a clear blue sapphire mounted on white gold chain. I got it when I was 18 and don’t think I ever took it off for more than a facial or a massage. I saw Serge Gainsbourg wear one and not only did I find it super chic, but it also gave me this fantasy idea of having something that I would carry everywhere with me and that would experience with me. A sort of JT bis !

Greatest extravagance ?

I have quite a few but my higher education is a bit off the charts to many. I love learning new things and my parents were nice enough to support me in this. I studied in top tier universities across 6 countries, for a total of 9 years ! Having 4 degrees may seem superfluous but I feel so lucky I had the luxury to do so.

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Something you are struggling with?

People who make the world a harder place to live in. I meet them almost on a daily basis and my tolerance towards them has dramatically diminished over the years. I went from being very patient to pushing them out almost immediately of my social circles. Life is too short to surround yourself with negativity.

What piece of advice would you like to give a large group of people ?

To never stop dreaming and create the conditions when you can do so freely. I think it’s really easy in life to limit your realm of possibilities because you are pressured to act in a certain way by society or people. I always have ideas and plans, and so many times I came across friends, relatives or even boyfriends who told me I was being silly and that I should stop dreaming. Needless to say they didn’t stay around for long !

Quick healthy (or not) recipe:

I grew up in France and I don’t think we really have this concept of “healthy” food as our entire diet is healthy so I would struggle in giving you this kind of recipe. My favourite one though is quiche ! It’s super easy to do and the massive benefit is that you can put whatever you have in your fridge and it will still make a wonderful dish. No waste, little preparation and a great result, it’s the holy trinity to me.

Lifestyle inspiration

I absolutely worship Lapo Elkann. He lives his life to the fullest, is a master of taste, brings disruption to everything he touches and has a thousand passions. A true inspiration to me on how to be successful in this world without sacrificing your integrity. I must admit that being the Fiat heir must be helping but still, he has some amazing achievements.

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