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Hello! I’m Candice and this is my blog about growing up. I am Franco-South African (French maman, SA dad), born and raised in Cape Town and now living in Paris right by the Seine where I like to go running if the mood takes (the mood usually only takes between April and July).

Although I have always liked the idea of being an adult (if that adult is Sofia Coppola), it has taken me some time to realise that it takes some serious work to be the right kind of adult, which is to say the adult I want to be.

What I mean is, I sometimes (often) mistake creating great Pinterest boards with creating my dream life. They are not the same thing. I would like this blog to document my attempts at being my dream adult.

Since we are always asked to define terms in university essays I will describe below what I mean by growing up:

  • Earning more money so that I don’t have a public meltdown when I have to buy a new ticket after missing a flight at the airport (hypothetical situation)
  • Buying more flowers and arranging them
  • Buying art that I like
  • Owning vases to house imagined flower bouquets
  • Burning more cotton-scented candles
  • Wearing more shirts
  • Making doctor’s appointments without needing to be coerced into them
  • Using the right household products to clean the right household items
  • Cooking more
  • Organising everything into compartments. Just organising really.

On the blog, you will find a collection of stories, thoughts, recipes, other peoples’ art, interviews and my favourite things. I really hope that you enjoy it.

xx Candice